Watch Barney from Napalm Death teach MP Miliband to sing

Ed Miliband and Barney Greenway
Ed Miliband and Barney Greenway
(Image: © BBC)

Napalm Death vocalist Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway has attempted to teach MP and former Labour leader Ed Miliband to sing in a death metal style live on radio.

The UK politician has been sitting in for Jeremy Vine this week on BBC Radio 2 – and had invited Greenway on to the show to chat about the Glastonbury festival, where Napalm Death will play a set on a stage dedicated to punk and metal tonight (June 22).

And during the live broadcast, Greenway attempted to teach Miliband how to use this throat to make a death metal growl.

Miliband says: “I’m going to now take my career into my hands if it’s not already gone down the pan and you’re going to try and help me to sort of do a bit of this extreme metal.”

The Napalm Death man then gives Miliband a few examples of his distinctive vocal style which the MP tries to replicate – with mixed results.

View the video of the pair’s encounter below.

Following their set at Glastonbury, Napalm Death will embark on further live dates across Europe.

Napalm Death 2017 tour dates

Jun 22: Glastonbury Festival, UK
Jun 23: Grafenhainichen With Full Force Festival, Germany
Jun 24: Viveiro Resurrection Fest, Spain
Aug 03: Wacken Fest, Germany
Aug 05: Pori Porispere Festival, Finland
Aug 06: Weinheim Cafe Central, Germany
Aug 08: Lindau Club Vaudeville, Germany
Aug 10: Hamburg Knust, Germany
Aug 11: Ieper Festival, Belgium
Aug 12: Brasov Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Romania
Sep 09: Huttikon Meh Suff! Metal Festival, Switzerland

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