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Watch Aerosmith play Walk This Way on kids’ instruments

Aerosmith were special guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday evening.

But rather than deliver a live performance in the traditional way, they hooked up with house band The Roots, Fallon himself and a collection of classroom instruments to perform their classic 1975 track Walk This Way.

The range of instruments included a colourful xylophone, ukulele, a Fisher Price drum, bongos, maracas, tambourines, a melodica, a Casio keyboard and a kazoo.

Watch the video below.

Last month, Aerosmith confirmed an 18-date Las Vegas residency under the Deuces Are Wild banner. The shows will take place at the Park Theater at the new Park MGM resort in the city throughout April, June and July next year.

The band’s first tour van from the early 70s was also recently discovered abandoned in woods near Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, about 110 miles west of Boston by The History Channel.

How the van came to be dumped in the woods is remains unclear, although the property owner claimed he originally purchased the land from "someone with a connection to Aerosmith."