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Vinnie Moore: solo work helps my schizophrenic personality

UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore says recording away from the band helps control his “schizophrenic personality.”

He released his eighth solo album entitled Aerial Visions in October via Mind’s Eye Music. And he reports he finds it easier writing and recording his own material as he finds the process “therapeutic.”

Moore tells The Rocktologist: “UFO is a rock band so when I write songs for that, it stylistically falls within a more defined range.

“Because my solo stuff is instrumental, things are more open and there are less rules so I can just explore and follow the inspiration wherever it leads.”

He continues: “I am all over the place so this format is perfect for me. It’s therapeutic for my schizophrenic personality, frequent mood changes, and problems staying focused with one task. I enjoy both musical realms, though.”

He’s keen to tour on the back of his latest release, buts adds: “It’s not so easy because I have three tours coming up with UFO. So it’s a matter of finding the spaces.

“But I am so happy to be active and out there playing in front of people with UFO, as well as with my solo shows. Especially since touring is not so easy nowadays.”

UFO are currently on the road across Europe and will journey to the US in March in support of A Conspiracy Of Stars, released earlier this year through Steamhammer/SPV.

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