UABB's Leal vows to outdo 'kidnap' stunt


Upon A Burning Body frontman Danny Leal is unrepentant about his recent "kidnap" publicity scam – and he's vowed to "take it even further" in the future.

He found himself at the centre of a furious backlash after setting up a string of tweets that suggested his house was being watched, someone had broken in, and then he’d disappeared.

Even his Sumerian Records label boss Ash Avildsen voiced his criticism, saying: “I do not condone this – there’s never a time to use abduction, injury or murder to promote anything. If you need to resort to that, you’ve lost the plot.”

But Leal claims he doesn’t care. He tells Ice T’s FInal Level podcast: “We did a little bit of a publicity thing. We said I was missing, then they turned it into this big thing and it became a pretty serious issue.

“People were calling the cops, stuff like that. It became a thing, and everybody now hates what we did. Whatever.

“They’re blaming me – it’s like, you know what? I’m going to come out with ropes on my hands, put the ropes on, and take it even further.”

UABB this week launched a video for their track Red Razor Wrists from upcoming album The World Is My Enemy Now. They’ll return to the UK in November.