Trouble brewing for doom merchants


Metal veterans Trouble are working on fresh material – and guitarist Rick Wartell reveals the band will undertake a European tour in November.

Speaking to Metal Kaoz, Wartell says work on the follow up to 2013’s The Distortion Field was in “full swing” and the band hope to release the album in late 2015.

“The Distortion Field took a long time for a lot of reasons other than the writing process – we went through two vocalists and we lost tracks during the recordings,” he says. “For the new release, we began writing right after we finished the last album, so we’re kinda ahead of the game.

“We have 8 or 10 songs written at this point. A lot of them are completed and just need a little tweaking here and there but the writing process is in full swing and we’re getting close. I’d like to have the album recorded by the end of summer 2015 and release it in Autumn.”

Trouble, one of the pioneers of the doom metal genre, are lined up to play Germany’s Hammer Of Doom Festival on Nov 15 and Wartell let the cat out of the bag they’ll head out on a European tour following that performance.

“The tour will be over 14 days – I’m not supposed to announce the dates because there are a couple that are still to be announced,” he says. “But we’re doing shows in Germany, London, Greece, Portugal and Holland.”