Townsend tracklists unveiled?


Devin Townsend drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen has completed studio duties on the two albums which will make up the highly-anticipated Z2 project, he's confirmed.

And he’s revealed what might be the tracklists for both discs.

Townsend funded the sequel to 2007’s Ziltoid The Omniscient with a crowdfunding campaign that generated more than 500% of the total he’d aimed for. Last year he confirmed his Ziltoid show on TeamRock Radio was part of the Z2 project.

Now Van Poederooyen reports: “A personal record is complete – two albums recorded in two days. One is space metal, absolutely crazy and technical. The other is heavy with some cool grooves and riffs.

“What an experience – that I hope to never revisit again! Ready to fly home and sleep for a week.”

The drummer posted a picture online containing two tracklists, although they could contain working titles rather than finished song names.

Z2 provisional tracklist




War Princess

March Of The Poozers

Wandering Eye


Ziltoid Goes Home

Dimension Z

DTP album provisional tracklist



Midnight Sun


Universal Flame

Sky Blue

Rain City

Before We Die

Silent Militia