Tom Fuller marks Halloween with sinister trailer


The Tom Fuller Band are launching new album Freedom with a limited edition graphic novel and eleven videos. The album is preceded by a somewhat scary trailer, and a launch party will be held at The Arts Theatre, London, on Nov 17.

Freedom is the follow-up to 2012’s Ask, and is released on the same day as the London party. It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and Chicago, Illinois, before being mixed at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and mastered at London’s Abbey Road Studios. Classic Rock 199 described the album as bringing a “well-rounded, arena friendly thrust to the personal anguish.”

“An album that inspired a suite of films that inspired a graphic novel – that’s a world first. It’s a totally unique project,” says Fuller. “The idea was to just make a video for the song ‘1+1’ but, like the music, it turned out so well the team went on to produce ten further videos. We had nearly finished filming when Kate [Glasheen] suggested she create the graphic novel to complete a creative triptych.”

Track Listing

Roller Coaster Free Fall Lonely Man Freedom One Plus One Bring Me Down Fat Boy Sweet Dreams Jurisdiction Sidewinder Highest Mountain I Will Always Think About You