This wonderfully relaxing cover of Slipknot's Duality is giving us chills

Morgen Blau and Corey Taylor
(Image credit: TikTok, Carlos Santiago/ Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Image)

If there's one band we can understand being overlooked for zen and meditation playlists, it's Slipknot.

While listening to their brand of rage-fuelled metal might be therapeutic for those wanting to let off a little steam, it's not really a catalogue that most of us would opt for when patiently awaiting an elevator or curating a soundtrack for our next session of 'me-time' in the bubble-bath.

But, thanks to the internet, we can now imagine what it would sound like if the Iowan metal heavyweights just like, chilled out for a bit, and swapped their heavily-distorted guitars for ukuleles, and their screams for whisper-like crooning.

The musician behind this surprisingly delicate Slipknot cover is Morgen Blau, who has tackled their 2004 anthem Duality in a manner which causes it to impact with all the force of a silk handkerchief fluttering on a washing line in a summer breeze.

To create the peaceful rendition, Morgen, who is a self-proclaimed "small musician with medium sized dreams", plucks daintily on an acoustic guitar and ukulele over recordings of him snapping his fingers, lightly tickling a cabasa, scraping a cheese grater with a kitchen whisk (for some reason) and singing in velvety hushed tones. 

The end result is a pleasantly sleepy smooth-jazz/folk ditty that could even get your grandma interested in Slipknot. 

So sit back, light a candle, and enjoy some easy listening.


♬ Originalton - Juan Krafft Ruiz

For more super soothing renditions, the musician's TikTok has covers of David Bowie's Space Oddity, Radiohead's No Surprises, and The Beatles' Blackbird. And relaaaaaaaax...

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