This viral drummer has seriously chaotic energy and we're fully here for it

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Be it silly pets doing unusual things or bizarre metal mashups, the internet is a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful. So when we found Sunfyre, a drummer from Costa Rica who has an affinity for wearing wild costumes whilst playing jaw-droppingly impressive metal covers, we felt like we hit the jackpot, simply because she is both very weird and very wonderful. 

Mainly known for showcasing her drum skills via Twitch streams, she also uses TikTok, which is where we were lucky enough to discover her. In a video round up comprising her best videos from the last four years, Sunfyre blasts out everything from Slipknot's Get This, to Rush's YYZ and Avenged Sevenfold's Bat Country.

Whilst smashing out on her kit, Sunfyre sits within a hallucinatory, technicolour studio, usually while plastered in UV paint, wearing dinosaur costumes, cosplaying in game character outfits and more. She also has a knack for providing bizarre vocal renditions whilst she's drumming, typically in the voice of Mario's mushroom-headed friend Toad. See, we told you she was weird...but in the very best way possible, of course.

The caption for the clip states, "It will be 4 years since I started drumming on my Twitch channel to people all over the world and it has been an incredible journey. This wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you for believing in me along the way."

During the compilation video, Sunfyre also jams out improvisations, the Squid Game theme song and dubstep tracks, so she's pretty dynamic, if you hadn't already guessed from her eccentric range of performance techniques previously mentioned. 

Currently, Sunfyre has 235.9K followers on TikTok, 41K followers on Twitch and 22.6k followers on Instagram. Her medley video, which you can watch below, has a whopping 1 million views and 149.5k likes, so go give her some love if you're as impressed with her skills as we are. 


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