This new range of bongs for metalheads will blow your mind

Rock and metal have long enjoyed a healthy relationship with stoner culture, with entire sub-genres being carved out by those who delight in nothing more than a spot of herbal refreshment.

But now, with the advent of new glass line Brutal Glass, the worlds of metal and weed have finally been brought together in one place.

Conceived by Brutal Bryon – a self-professed "die-hard Metalhead" – the line hopes to offer something new to rock and metal fans who enjoy dabbling with the herb. 

Using art designed by death metal artist Tony Koehl – who's designed over 100 album covers by artists including Gorgasm, Serial Butcher, Waking The Cadavar, Parasitic Ejaculation, Internal Suffering, Hideous Rebirth and many more – and Mark Richards, who's designed for bands including Primus, Napalm Death and Pig Destroyer, the glass line is said to be "for metalheads, by metalheads". 

All the products shown on the Brutal Glass store are made in Los Angeles, California. Head over to their official site to check out the full range.

Briony Edwards

Briony is the Editor in Chief of Louder and is in charge of sorting out who and what you see covered on the site. She started working with Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog magazines back in 2015 and has been writing about music and entertainment in many guises since 2009. She is a big fan of cats, Husker Du and pizza.