The Nightmare Before Christmas' This Is Halloween and Sally's Song undergo metal makeovers with monstrously impressive results

Lyric Noel and Daedric cover This Is Halloween
(Image credit: TikTok, Disney)

Halloween is right around the corner, meaning its time for three things: time to load up on candy, dress up as something terrifying (or ridiculous) and play our favourite spooky tunes.

One set of songs that usually receives airtime on Halloween party playlists each year is Danny Elfman's soundtrack to the Tim Burton-directed film The Nightmare Before Christmas, where he also stars as the gangly, bare-boned hero Jack Skellington. 

Now, thanks to two TikTok musicians, Lyric Noel and Daedric, we now have a version of classic TNBC track This Is Halloween with a metalcore twist, complete with biting, screamy vocals, gnarly guitar riffs and smashing percussion.

Created with the help of shredder and music producer Russell Hollar, during the collaborative cover, the pair of musicians take turns singing each vocal line before coming together for an explosive chorus, during which Daedric delivers some seriously brutal screams. The video has even received over a whopping 4M views and over 800k likes. Impressive!

"My favorite Disney song mixed with my favorite genre?! I need a full version of this!!!!" one fan writes in the comments. While another viewer praises Daedric for her monstrous screams, and says: "MAAM YOUR UNCLEAN VOCALS😍".

Lyric has also covered Sally's Song on her account by taking the haunting original from the soundtrack and evolving it into a power metal triumph, spotlighted by her magnificent Lzzy Hale-esque vocals. Go show it some love.

Watch the two covers below:


♬ This Is Halloween - Hairy & Scary Creatures

♬ Sally's Song (From "The Nightmare Before Christmas") - John McClung
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