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TeamRock Radio: The Playlist (13.10.14 - 19.10.14)


Sadly, this is not the case. Damn.

As well as these so-called “heritage” artists, there’s so much good new music around at the moment, that it’s incredibly difficult trying to narrow it down to a single playlist. Honourable mentions this week should go to Bush, Bury Tomorrow, Mallory Knox and The Datsuns, who only missed out due to a lack of available spots.

AC/DC – Play Ball (Columbia)

NEW ADDITION: Despite the much-missed Malcolm Young, this is as classic-sounding as it gets. Full marks to Stevie Young for stepping in for his uncle. (D)

Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel (Xtra Mile)

NEW ADDITION: Catchy as hell punk-rock, with a depth of feeling that is sometimes missing from modern music. (D)

Audrey Horne – Out Of The City (Napalm)

I defy you to listen to this track and not be singing like a loon by the second chorus. (D)

Beartooth – The Lines (Red Bull)

These guys have been feeling the love from Sophie K on Breaking Bands for a while, and after listening to this latest track, we figured it was time to move these guys onto daytimes. (D)

Black Stone Cherry – Remember me (Roadrunner)

A great track from the band who - in addition to being nominated for Best Album at the Classic Rock Awards 2014 - are also going to be on one of this year’s most highly anticipated tours with Airbourne & Theory Of A Deadman next month. (D)

Gerard Way – Millions (Warner)

NEW ADDITION: The latest track from Hesitant Alien. That sold-out tour’s gonna be good, eh? (D)

Fall Out Boy – Centuries (Virgin EMI Records/DCD2)

Gosh, it’s only the biggest damn rock song in the world right now. Pretty heavy for FOB as well. Me likey.(D)

In This Moment – Sick Like Me (Atlantic)

Typical ITM. Quirky, well-produced, chorus-heavy metal. Great for radio. (D)

Jack White – That Black Bat Licorice (Third Man/XL)

Quirky, catchy and unmistakably Jack White. There’s a lot of love in the TeamRock Radio bunker for this track. (M)

King 810 – War Outside (Roadrunner)

I don’t wish to start rumours, but based on this brutal track from Memoirs Of A Murderer, I think someone may have some anger issues. (M)

Kyng – Electric Halo

Heavy stoner riffage in the fine Sabbath tradition. Can’t wait to see these guys on the Lords Of The Riff 2 tour in November. (M)

Machine Head – Now We Die (Nuclear Blast)

Someone at iTunes is in bother for leaking this early, but whoever it is, we owe them a debt of thanks. Phenomenal new track from the upcoming album. (D)

No Devotion – 10,000 Summers (Collect)

NEW ADDITION: Following on from their first single, Stay, this song has an almost hypnotic vocal line, and stays with you long after it’s finished. Great stuff. (D)

Nothing More – Mr. MTV (Eleven Seven)

NEW ADDITION: We all love big choruses, right? Well this one’s bigger than Simon Cowell’s wallet, with riffs heavier than Meatloaf’s lunch. (D)

Pink Floyd – Louder Than Words (Parlophone)

NEW ADDITION: New Pink Floyd. Can’t wait to hear the full album. ‘Nuff said. (D)

Purson – Danse Macabre (Machine Elf)

After spot-playing this a few weeks ago, it stuck with us, so we decided to give it a shot. Trippy as Hell, but also extremely catchy. (D

Rancid – Honor Is All We Know (Hellcat/Epitaph)

NEW ADDITION: News of Rancid releasing a new album has led to many of us in the TRR bunker joyfully breaking out the leather jackets, studs and Doc Martens again. Oi, and indeed oi. (D)

Sixx:AM – Gotta Get It Right (Eleven Seven)

There’s something about this song that just digs into your brain and won’t leave. Catchy stuff from the new album. (M)

The Who – Be Lucky (Universal )

NEW ADDITION: Confession time: I expected this to be bobbins. Good news! It’s very, very far from it. Classic-sounding Who, with a hook that’ll sink deep into your frontal lobes. Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night with this in your brain. (D)

In addition, as there’s a lot of great new music around that we still want to play, we’ll be spot-playing the following a couple of times each during the week, possibly with a view to adding these to the main playlist when the space becomes available…

Evil Scarecrow – Crabulon (Deadbox)

After a storming appearance at Bloodstock in August, Galactic Hunt is out now, but what it’s sadly missing is a song about a robot artificially inseminating a cra…. oh wait. Nevermind. (D)

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song (Atlantic/Swan Song)

The latest track from the upcoming reissue of Houses Of The Holy. This alternate version lacks the piano of the original, but none of the feel. (D)

**Ziltoid T. Omniscient c/o Devin Townsend – Deathray **(HevyDevy)

Devin’s trans-dimensional, omniscient alter-ego returns to smash planets, drink coffee and make off-colour gags about poo. Lovely. (D)