Tank roll into Valley Of Tears


Veteran UK rockers Tank have announced their 10th album will launch later this year.

Titled Valley Of Tears, the record will be released across Europe on June 8 via Metal Mind Productions. It’s the follow-up to 2012’s War Nation.

Tank mainmen Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans are joined on the studio outing by Dragonforce frontman ZP Theart, who has been a member of the group’s touring lineup for two years. Completing the band are Blind Guardian bassist Barend Courbois and former Sodom drummer Bobby Schottkowski.

The band say: “The title comes from the famous tank battle during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, where one side was massively outnumbered but fought on regardless and against all odds secured a heroic victory.

“We feel that our style of metal is slowly disappearing and now we must also fight against the odds to keep it alive. We hope Valley Of Tears will inspire other bands and fans alike to never forget what real metal is all about.”

Artwork and a final tracklist will be issued in due course.