Suicide Silence urge fans to face their fears


Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun says dealing with the tragic death of singer Mitch Lucker has made the band more resilient than ever.

Lucker died in a motorcycle crash in 2012 and his place in the band is now filled by Eddie Hermida. Heylmun previously said Lucker’s death led to the band tackling their drink and drug abuse, and he now says they’re prepared for anything life may throw at them.

He tells Hot Topic: “The way I feel about it is, when you reach that bottom that we reached, there’s pretty much nothing that’s going to feel worse than that. If anything that comes your way, you’re ready to face it with a clear head and think about how much worse everything can be.”

And he urges fans to take the same attitude to life’s challenges.

He adds: “Listen to your actual gut instinct – there is a feeling in your stomach, and that’s a real fucking feeling. Listen to it.

“If you’re afraid, fucking face that fear. Face your problems and make sure that you’re handling them, not avoiding them. Fucking attack them head on.”

Suicide Silence released latest album You Can’t Stop Me – their first with Hermida – last year and they are currently touring the US with Emmure, Fit For An Autopsy and Within The Ruins.

Within The Ruins were this week involved in a terrifying tour van crash, with the band saying they were lucky to be alive.