Stranger Things Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn reveals the song that would save him from Vecna

Joseph Quinn and Eddie Munson
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Warning: spoilers ahead!

The last two episodes of Stranger Things' season four finally aired last Friday (July 1) on Netflix, and it's been on just about everyone's lips ever since. From well thought-out fan theories to interview reactions and countless memes, viewers are devouring as much content to do with the show as they possible can. 

One factor from this season that has arguably received the most attention is the inclusion of Kate Bush's 1985 hit Running Up That Hill, which has subsequently peaked on the UK chart.

The song was used as a vital plot device, and, as revealed in the series, a tool in which can be used to save one of the show's protagonists, Max Mayfield, from the villainous Vecna. As a matter of fact, the kids of Hawkins, aka Stranger Things' highly adored main characters - worked out that music itself, as long as the material in question has a significant personal connection to the person, could save them from Vecna's clutches and from a bone-snapping, hideous death.

Now, fans and cast-members alike are thinking about what song would save their lives if they were ever to wake up in the Stranger Things universe, face to face with the notorious villain for real.

Actor Joseph Quinn, who plays the lovable metalhead and Dungeons & Dragons Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson, has now revealed the song he thinks would save him from Vecna. 

Asked on The Movie Podcast what song he'd pick, Quinn responds: "So I don't know guys, I'm so far down the rabbit hole with this joke, right. So there's this Eurotrash band called The Vengaboys, who did this song called We Like To Party. 

"So they've got this other track,  as I couldn't pick that one. I had to pick a different track, the one that no one knows. It's called Up And Down. I was thinking like 'upside-down', the up-side down' and then basically I said that, and now I just have to commit to that. It's a really stupid song. But that's my Vecna song!"

Although it's obviously not a serious choice, or one that will keep his metal credit intact after such a gnarly performance shredding to Metallica on the show, it's still rather funny, and one that has resulted in plenty of memes, which you can check out below:


♬ Up & Down - Vengaboys

♬ original sound - Sissi💌

♬ Up & Down - Vengaboys
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