SpongeBob metal is now a thing, thanks to one musical genius on the internet

Galo and SpongeBob
(Image credit: @iitsgalo)

The internet has gifted mankind with so many great things. For starters, it's an infinite source of information, serving as one of man's most integral discoveries but also the lifeblood of the modern world. Most importantly though, it's the home of complete and utter absurdity, and has given a platform to creativity beyond our wildest imaginations.

Like for instance, Spongecore, a new(ish) genre of metal composed from the sound of the obnoxious sea barnacle SpongeBob SquarePants and the American hardcore band Knocked Loose. From our wildest imaginations, remember?

TikTok virtuoso Galo brought our attention to the "cursed" soundbite – which many users on the platform are now adopting to soundtrack their own videos – by displaying a remarkably ferocious moment from the hit television show, SpongeBob SquarePants. The original was created by death metaller and Spongecore inventor Neil Schneider.

Within Neil's invention, SpongeBob yells at his pet sea snail Gary into Knocked Loose's 2019 rager Mistakes Like Fractures from their album A Different Shade Of Blue, and the results are, well...genius.

We know what you might be thinking right now. Why would anyone do this? Or think to do this? Well, according to Galo, someone told him that they thought the Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris reminded them of the children's character. 

"Someone told me Knocked Loose sounds like SpongeBob, and I'm losing my fucking mind over this" he says, moments before we hear the glorious mash-up.

"GARY! YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH YOUR DESSERT AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT" screams SpongeBob alongside an eerie guitar riff. Then, his infamously jarring laugh cuts through the mix and we're treated to some lethal Knocked Loose breakdown action, featuring a face-melting riff, thunderous drums and Garris screams. 

What did a pirate sea captain once ask...if nautical nonsense be something you wish? Well this is nautical nonsense at its finest. 

At this time of writing, the original video has amassed 59.1K likes and 392.5K views. Following the clip, there's been metal vocalists screaming along in their own duetted videos, reactions and more. What a world.

Listen below:

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This is the best thing I’ve ever heard

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