Snot could write new material


Snot guitarist Mikey Doling says the band are toying with the idea of recording new music.

The band have been on the road playing their debut album Get Some in its entirety, with a string of UK shows coming up in February.

They lost original singer Lynn Strait when he died in a car crash in 1998 and various singers have filled in over the years. Most recently, Carl Bensley has had the role.

But Doling says that while playing live with a different singer is one thing, recording new music without Strait will be difficult.

He tells Groovey: “We know we can write songs together, because even when we just goof off at soundcheck or whatever, we come up with stuff — instantly, just goofing off.

“And we have the same taste in music. We put on Porcupine Tree and Faith No More, we put on Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Pantera. We love the same stuff at the same time. So we know we could do a record.

“But doing it without Lynn Strait, it’s a bit of a stretch. So we don’t know how we’re gonna achieve the goal of making new music, even though we’d like to. So the answer is, maybe. I don’t know.

“We’d like to. But we don’t know where that wall is and that barrier, and if we’re allowed to even do it without Lynn and call ourselves Snot.”


Feb 10: Southampton Joiners

Feb 11: Plymouth The Hub

Feb 12: Bristol The Exchange

Feb 13: Stoke The Underground

Feb 14: Newcastle The Cluny

Feb 15: Glasgow Audio

Feb 16: Huddersfield The Parish

Feb 17: Nottingham Rock City Basement

Feb 18: Milton Keynes Crauford Arms

Feb 19: London The Garage

Feb 20: Brighton Audio