Slipknot Sid hurts foot again


Slipknot’s Sid Wilson has sustained another foot injury, he’s revealed.

In 2008 the disc spinner broke both heels after a stage jump went wrong, although he managed to appear at every show on the band’s subsequent tour.

Now he’s hurt himself again – and although the damage to his left foot is less severe than last time, it’s still causing him difficulties.

Wilson says: “I thought after a day off this would feel better, but it seems I haven’t seen the worst of it yet. No high jumping on stage for the time being.

“I should still have some dance moves for ya all – just no flying.”

Meanwhile, Black Veil Brides have called off a show in California on October 22 after drummer CC Coma injured his hand.

The band say: “CC has been fighting a torn ligament, which has been made worse by the current tour. It has been suggested by the doctor that we give him a few days off.”

They plan to perform the last two dates on their current run, which take place in California on October 23 and 24.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee remains sidelined by an attack of tendonitis, which means he’s now missed four shows on the band’s farewell tour.