Slash: 'Junkie' Was A Narrow-Minded Idea Of Me

Slash has waxed lyrical on some of the misconceptions that many people have commonly had about him over the years.

In a new interview with Metro, the Curly One also talks worst ever shows, his new horror film and what happened to his snake, Sam.

“[The biggest misconception of me was] that I was limited to the > image of me as a crazy loser junkie,” affirms the guitar legend. “People > were a little intimidated by that. It was a narrow-minded idea of who I > was but at the same time I gave that impression during interviews.

On his worst ever show, Slash adds, “Guns n’ Roses playing Cowboys Stadium in Dallas in 1989. It was horrific. Everything that could go wrong went wrong and the band didn’t have enough experience to handle it properly. It was a huge disaster in front of 65,000 people. We fell apart on stage. It’s stuck with me ever since. Did that end in violence? No, the riots at the gigs started happening in the ’90s.”

Slash’s Conspirators bassist Todd Kerns recently updated his blog with some tantalising info about the opus, which follows 2012′s well-received Apocalyptic Love.

“So here we are. Like prize fighters training and training for the fight of our lives. Now the big fight is upon us. We are lean. We are mean and we are, most assuredly, fighting machines,” says the musician.

“I have to admit that conceptually I felt that Apocalyptic Love would be a tough act to follow but I can say with all the confidence in the world that we are more than armed and ready. Not only do I feel that the material surpasses Apocalyptic Love I think we are ten times the band we were when that album was recorded.

“The material on this album is more serious and more fun at the same time which is a tough balance indeed. The songs are sleazier and more dangerous. Exactly where I feel most comfortable. We are all very excited to unleash the monster upon you as soon as we can.”