Slash gets guitar lessons from bandmate Myles


Slash has told how he’s often gets guitar lessons from bandmate Myles Kennedy.

The pair exchange compliments in an exclusive interview in The Classic Rock Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio on Monday, September 22.

They discuss their third album World On Fire, which is available now as a Classic Rock Fanpack – a month before general release. The conversation includes an exchange about the former Guns n’Roses axeman’s self-taught background, and its comparison to his colleague’s more formal education.

Slash tells host Nicky Horne: “Myles teaches me stuff. Technically he’s much more proficient than I am. He knows way more about all that stuff. There’s been a few times where he’s shown me licks, runs, arpeggios or scales and I’m like, ‘What was that?’”

But Kennedy counters: “I’ll show him a little thing he might like – something I’ve spent months perfecting to execute. Then I’ll hear him play it that that night. He’ll run through it once then he’ll play it that night perfectly. He’s a natural and he won’t give himself credit for that.”

Asked about the artistic balance between them when it comes to songwriting, Slash says: “I try not to overthink it. I don’t want to sound moronic, but we all just want to play. There’s not a lot else going on – there’s not a lot of forethought. That simplicity, to me, is what rock’n’roll should be about.”

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Slash and Kennedy appear on The Classic Rock Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio on Monday, starting at 6pm. You can listen via DAB radio across the UK or the website worldwide.