Savoy Brown solos like abstract art says SImmonds

Kim Simmonds has explained the strong connection he sees between painting abstract art and playing guitar with Savoy Brown.

He describes his interest in painting as an almost daily pursuit these days, while he’s celebrating his band’s 50th anniversary year.

Simmonds, 67, tells the Ottawa Citizen: “The older you get, the more you need passions to replace the passions that have ebbed. Abstract painting is exactly the same as playing a guitar solo – a solo is very abstract.”

The Welshman insists he’s continually looking to the future despite a five-decade musical career.

“I have no interest in the past – and that enables you to move on, to live in the present,” he says. “I was thinking this morning that once I achieve something, I lose interest – ‘Okay, what’s the next thing?’

“It’s very important to staying young.”

Savoy Brown recently released Still Live After 50 Years (Vol 1) to mark their golden anniversary.