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Savage Messiah are on Channel 4 News tonight

Tonight, for one night only, thrash metal is coming to primetime television in the UK. Nice one, Channel 4.

Last week, up-and-coming thrash metallers Savage Messiah were awarded a BPI grant. They and another ten artists from around the country were given financial backing to aid their careers and potentially become a serious commodity in the music world. This is a massive win for metal as it looks like even the government are sick of Mumford & Sons wannabes getting all the attention.

And because Savage Messiah are not only the only metal band in the grant but they’re actually really good, Channel 4 have invited them in for a chat with Culture and Digital Editor, Paul Mason (guess which one he is in the picture).

They’ve already appeared in a host of national newspapers and Sky News, so the only way is up for the London metallers.

Tune in to Channel 4 from 7pm tonight.

Also: MASSIVE shout out to Dave for sporting his Heavy Metal Truants t-shirt.