Geddy considers 2nd solo album


Rush frontman Geddy Lee says he’s interested in making a second solo album.

And he’s recalled how writing and recording My Favourite Headache in 2000 was a way of dealing with the death of drummer Neil Peart’s daughter.

She was killed in a traffic accident in 1997, forcing the band on to a hiatus, with no certainty they’d get back together. The tragedy was compounded with the death of Peart’s wife 10 months later.

And with Rush’s future in limbo once more, the singer and bassist is open to the concept of working without Peart and guitarist Alex Lifeson again.

Lee tells AV Club: “That was a real interesting period. I had planned to do some jamming with my dear friend Ben Mink. We always planned that some time we’d get together and see what happened.

“We were planning to do that, and suddenly tragedy struck Neil’s life. Everything got really weird and it was just a horrible period.

“I decided, after a few months, this idea of working with Ben might be a real tonic for me – I didn’t know whether there would be another Rush album. People get through tragedies in different ways. I was going crazy and needed something to focus on.”

Rush went back to work the year after My Favourite Headache was released. Asked if he’d consider making a follow-up, Lee replies: “Yes, I would – definitely.”

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