Rock fan gets the logo of his favourite band branded onto his chest

Man gets branded with CCR tattoo
(Image credit: Reddit)

While some people might think getting a tattoo in honour of your favourite band is a little extreme - after all, that ink is on you, like, forever - there's one man residing in the US who has outdone even the most hardcore of fans by getting himself branded.

If you're unfamiliar with branding or how it's performed, it's the process of having a blazing hot iron rod that's shaped into a symbol stamped onto your skin, so it leaves a permanent mark.

As the method is usually done to indicate ownership, it is of course, commonly reserved for livestock such as cows, so the fact that this er, dedicated fan has taken the plunge has us... well, frightened, to be honest, and a tad concerned.

The moment the man - referred to only as Jimmy - goes under the rod has been captured in the video below, which was posted onto Reddit.

The clip shows him having the letters CCR - as in Creedence Clearwater Revival - scorched onto his torso above his right breast. During the ordeal, steam rises from his chest as his flesh is burnt to the crisp, and he bites down on his own belt to try combat the pain.

Like the hard-headed man he obviously is, after the branding is complete, Jimmy immediately bounces up with little reaction, albeit a few grunts of discomfort, as an onlooker comments: "It smells like burnt meat". And that, my friends, is commitment.

Check out the video below:

Back in September, Creedence Clearwater Revival released a live performance video of the classic Proud Mary, which was shot at London's Royal Albert Hall in April 1970, lifted from the 2022 live album Creedence Clearwater Revival At The Royal Albert Hall.

In the same month, a concert documentary about the band narrated by actor Jeff Bridges, Travelin’ Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival At The Royal Albert Hall, premiered on Netflix.

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