Rammstein/Faith No More/Agnostic Front members unite to cover The Beatles for Ukraine charity single

Lifeline International
(Image credit: Bill Gould / Richard Chapin Downs Jr/Getty Images)

Members of Rammstein, Faith No More, Agnostic Front, Stabbing Westward, Gravity Kills and more have united to record The Beatles' Come Together for a charity single, with all proceeds from sales of the song to go to humanitarian aid projects in Ukraine via UNICEF

Artists playing on the single include Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe, Faith No More bassist Bill Gould, and Agnostic Front's Roger Miret. Released under the project name Lifeline International, as Come Together (We Will Stop You), the single is available for purchase on Bandcamp now.

The Lifeline International project was assembled by English producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Cradle Of Filth, Nine Inch Nails) and Christian Petke (founder of COP International)

Explaining the story behind the single, Petke writes:

"Several weeks ago, a humanitarian catastrophe of colossal proportions began to unfold before our very eyes. Like millions of others around the world, my friend John Fryer and I found ourselves overwhelmed with waves of shock, intense anger, and profound sadness as we watched the horrific events in Eastern Europe.

"The day the Ukrainian invasion began, our hearts began to ache, and they haven’t stopped since. They are hurting for everyone whose lives and well-being are being endangered; from the victims of the bombings to the thousands of Russians protestors who have already been arrested, to the millions of displaced people, to the inexperienced Russian conscripts who find themselves being used as ‘cannon fodder’ in a war they never wanted.

"From those intense feelings, an idea was born. An idea that was inspired by Bob Geldof’s Live Aid concerts in the ’80s, and fed by our intense desire to be able to actively help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

"The end result is “Come Together (We Will Stop You)” by Lifeline International; a cover of “Come Together” by The Beatles, featuring performances from current and former members of bands such as Faith No More, Stabbing Westward, Rammstein, Filter, The Hardkiss (Ukraine), Revolting Cocks, Pigface, The Joy Thieves, Agnostic Front, Basement Jaxx, Gravity Kills, The Cassandra Complex, Mesh, blackcarburning, Deathline International, Vaselyne, and Black Needle Noise to raise money and awareness for the people of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

"Our number one goal for “Come Together (We Will Stop You)” is to directly and quickly help the people who need it the most. One of the most crucial parts of that process is ensuring that every last dollar that we raise is used properly, which is why we have chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds to UNICEF. Not only are they a long-standing organization that people already know and trust, but they are famously transparent when it comes to the money that passes through their organization. We have been in touch with them, and we’re pleased to report that we can designate every last dollar raised specifically for the people of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
Keeping this affordable is also important to us, so the minimum donation is only $1. But because the cause is so important, we are actively encouraging everyone to donate up to their comfort level.

"Let’s ALL “Come Together” and show the people of Ukraine and Eastern Europe that we hear them and that we truly care.

Christian and John" 

Listen and donate on the single's Bandcamp page.

Paul Brannigan
Contributing Editor, Louder

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