Mein Gott! That time Rammstein almost set a whole stage on fire by accident

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Since their earliest days, the use of pyrotechnics has become an expected part of any Rammstein show. A cleverly choregraphed burst of flame has become as synonymous with the German metallers as their love for fetish leather and phallic iconography, and has even solidified them above all others in terms of creating the most shocking, sense-assaulting of live spectacles. Really, there's no one that puts on a live show quite like Rammstein.

What's more, if you've ever stood within close distance to the front of one of these concerts, then you'll most likely be well accustomed to the feeling of being a little hot under the collar. After all, when it comes to their love for pyro, these fire-fanatics pull out all the stops. Frontman Till Lindemann has even gone so far as to set himself alight whilst on stage, and if you've ever witnessed the iconic pyro display that usually arrives with the performance of Du Hast, we wouldn't be surprised if you've felt somewhat worried about facing your imminent, fiery demise, either.

In the 90s, these anxieties came to life when during a show at Berlin’s Treptow Arena on September 29, 1996, a stage decoration caught fire and collapsed, and rumour has it, even injured several fans. Understandably panicked, crowd members fled from the area, but Rammstein were eager to diffuse the situation by powering on through the performance of their 1995 track Heirate Mich, and by letting their crew attack the flames with fire extinguishers. 

At this point in their career, Rammstein were not professionally trained in handling pyro, so were most likely more lax with health and safety protocols. They however did pay the price, for as mentioned, several fans were reportedly injured. Later, Rammstein apparently visited them in hospital, which we imagine, was quite the experience.

After the incident, the band hired a professional pyro team, the FFP, with whom they’ve worked with ever since. They additionally sought the services of firemen and paramedics. Lindemann even studied to receive a license as a pyrotechnician, which explains his escalated and increasingly-outrageous tastes in the art over the years, from mouth-shooting flamethrowers, burning angel wings and rockets, all under the guided careful eye of the FFP. In spite of his training, he has still suffered burns on his ears, head and arms from his many years of fire-play. But it's hardly surprising, as when it comes to the unruly nature of the elements, obviously anything can happen.

Perhaps Lindemann didn't fully learn his lesson from this occasion though, as in 2011, he managed to set Tool's stage alight from playing around with a flamethrower. Classic Till.

Check out the moment below at 3:20:

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