Proud dad Sixx hails sons' band


Nikki Sixx has told of his pride at seeing his sons perform on the same stage as he did with Motley Crue 33 years ago.

Sixx was at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California, last week to see his sons perform with their band Figs Vision. It was 33 years almost to the day since Crue played at the venue.

Storm Sixx is the group’s singer while Gunner Sixx plays keyboards.

The proud dad says via Twitter: “Tonight I got to watch my sons’ band Figs Vision play the same venue I played 33 years ago this same month.

“They have a different sound and their own unique vibe which is what new music is all about. Thank you to the fan that tweeted me the picture and reminded me of this moment years ago. So much more could be said but I am sure you can imagine how cool this was.”

The Motley Crue bassist said last week that he would likely decline any future induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, which he described as a “fixed old-boys network.”

Motley Crue play Download Festival this June.