Prog's Tracks Of The Week

Here’s some music that various members of the Prog team have been grooving to this week…


Chris Squire & Alan White – Run With The Fox

Forgive the seasonal tone of the music, but with the sad passing of Yes bassist Chris Squire earlier this week, I thought a more personal touch was required. I had only just discovered Yes as a teenager when they were set in a state of flux post-Drama. There was no Internet to alert us fledgling prog fans that the enigmatic rhythm section were toying with the idea of forming XYZ with Jimmy Page, so out of nowhere, this seasonal tune with longtime Yes buddy Alan White was all we had until 90125 reared its head. From 1981, it’s a beautiful tune that highlights the inherent melody in all Squire’s work, and the enormous influence of church music too. Of course there are finer musical moments that I could have highlighted from an amazing career. But as I said, this is the most personal (the 7 inch is in the office as I write). We all miss you Chris. And we always will. You were an enigma.


Tame Impala – Let It Happen

These Australian psych rockers continue to impress with the unique, mesmerising sounds on their upcoming new album Currents, showcased particularly well with this trippy, synth-pop tune.


Deadly Circus Fire –_ In Darkness We Trust/Animal_

Having just seen them on a triumphant night in London, here is a track from Deadly Circus’ new album The Hydra’s Tailor. Classically prog metal with growls to scare the older folk but enough time changes and intricate subtle parts to bring them back again, entering the mosh pit with the younger fan of progressive, forward-thinking music that kicks down the door of ordinariness and everyday blandness. Here’s the thing: the metallers love this sort of thing, not realising they are being introduced to a progressive way of thinking musically. We’ll get them all in the end**. **


Sparks – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us

Last weekend, I was watching footage from Glastonbury Festival from the (clean) comfort of my sofa when I was reminded of the sheer genius of this particular song and it’s been on loop all this week as a result. It was FFS who performed it at Worthy Farm on Sunday – they’re a supergroup featuring members of Sparks and indie lads Franz Ferdinand – and it was definitely one of my festival highlights. It’s been performed and reworked so many times over the years but the 1974 original is still the best. Just look at those snazzy outfits!


District 97 – In Vaults

If you’ll permit me, more an Album Of The Week this time. The Chicago band’s brand new record is loaded with melodic invention, nerdy charm and sass, courtesy of singer Leslie Hunt. Listen to Death By A Thousand Cuts, Handlebars, A Lottery to hear a band maturing into excellent songwriters, and growing into the glittering promise of their early work.


The Atlanta-based singer songwriter and self-confessed “hillbilly progger” has turned the traumatic memory of his father’s death into a beautiful prog-pop album.

Hannah May Kilroy

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