People are pairing cursed photos of their pets with Ghost's Satanic symphony Year Zero and the Internet can't look away

Screenshots from TikTok of different pets with Ghost lyrics over the top
(Image credit: TikTok)

In recent weeks, occult party rockers Ghost have become something of a viral sensation, thanks to the creation of an alternative version of Mary On A Cross that saw countless TikTok users pairing their homemade videos with the trending song. 

With Tobias Forge's band still in the app's spotlight, as well as in the hearts of thousands of new fans across the app, another Ghost trend has emerged.

This one has surfaced as a bizarre yet humorous video format that sees pet owners taking 'cursed' (i.e creepy) photos of their dogs and cats, and soundtracking each photograph with Ghost's deliciously Satanic 2013 hit Year Zero. Specifically, as the choir in the song's introduction lists different pseudonyms for the Devil...'Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer', a new and more unhinged photo appears of their furry critter, usually in some sort of unexpected pose.

Sadly, the version of Year Zero for this trend isn't the original by Ghost; it's actually a cover by Norweigen singer Minniva alongside the Quentin Cornet, but, it's still makes for an epic listen. Her rendition of the song has even been featured on over 25K videos on the app, and has over 800k views on YouTube.

Check out some of the TikToks below:


♬ Year Zero - Minniva


♬ Year Zero - Minniva

♬ Year Zero - Minniva

♬ Year Zero - Minniva

♬ Year Zero - Minniva

Rychu is back guys <3

♬ Year Zero - Minniva

Later this week, Ghost will be signing off on their North American tour alongside Mastodon and Spiritbox in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

In other related news, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge recently shared his thoughts on haters of the band, and revealed that he views any negativity aimed at them as "actually a good thing".

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