Here's an adorable parrot headbanging to Rammstein's Du Hast to cleanse your timeline

A parrot and Till Lindemann
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If you, like many of us, have grown weary of yet another week filled with toxic political chaos, it's probably time for something a little more wholesome to enter the chat. Meet Pearl: an adorable cockatoo (of the 'little corella' variety, to be precise), who has conquered TikTok thanks to her penchant for a dancealong to some of the world's most iconic songs. 

Everything from trance classics like Cascada's Every Time We Touch and Darude's Sandstorm to Disney's Encanto anthem We Don't Talk About Bruno has brought Pearl to the dancefloor, with some of her uploads getting hundreds of thousands of views. Now, in a new video posted by her owner David Holt - TikTok handle djskorpios - Pearl is turning her attention to something a little bit heavier than her usual fare - Rammstein.

In the video, Holt explains via captions that due to there having been fireworks over the weekend (likely due to America's July 4 celebrations), Pearl is a little on the edgy side, and as those unmistakable, booming riffs being to peel out of the speaker, it's clear Pearl is a little hesitant to get her boogie on.

Eventually, she seems to realise she's listening to an iron-clad rager, and begins banging her head and bopping around with the kind of beat-perfect rhythm most of us could only dream of. 

"Is there any thing that she can't dance to? What an amazing bird," one user cries. "Best video I have seen today!" insists another. And, quite honestly, we'd have to agree.

Watch Pearl get her German industrial metal on in the video below.

Rammstein are currently on tour across Europe.

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