Pantera impact was lost on Vinnie


Vinnie Paul says he never realised how big an impact Pantera made until it was all over.

The former Pantera and current Hellyeah drummer says he never really thought about it until after Pantera officially split in 2003.

Paul tells 93X: “I never really sit down and think about it. I never really understood the impact that Pantera had on so many people back in the day until we were done doing Pantera.

“When you’re in the moment and you’re going full blast, you really don’t think ever about things. I certainly don’t about things from the past. I’m always looking forward to the future and where we’re going next with things. And maybe some day I’ll have a chance to sit down and relive it all and think about it all.”

Paul – who saw his brother Dimebag Darrell murdered on stage while they were playing with Damageplan in 2004 – adds that Hellyeah will make their fifth album next year.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Dimebag’s death, TeamRock Radio recorded an hour-long tribute to the guitarist. It can he heard on demand now.