Now Stevie and Angus Young are spotted in Vancouver

(Image: © Scott Legato and Lisa Lake - Getty)

Yesterday, a photograph of estranged AC/DC members Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd emerged online, reported to show the pair outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios – the place where AC/DC recorded their last three albums.

Now a picture of Stevie and Angus Young has been posted online, snapped at the same location in the Canadian city.

The picture was once again taken by Crystal Lambert, who lives close to the studio, along with her friend Glenn Slavens, and shows Angus and Stevie having a cigarette.

Slavens tells Ear Of Newt: “AC/DC has been one of the main staples in my musical upbringing. They played a huge part in my high school years and later, whether it be hanging out in the school parking-lot with AC/DC cranked on a car stereo, or fuelling the fire at every bush party. Long live rock!”

Lambert adds: “I was 12 years old when Back In Black came out and I went crazy over it. I carried my ghetto blaster on my shoulder with the tunes cranked.

“I would play AC/DC at home and my mom would yell at me to turn it down. I would sit beside our five-foot long stereo with my headphones on for hours.

She adds: “AC/DC is a huge reminder of my teens and a lifetime of rocking on. We salute you!”

The website reports that further information may be limited as an umbrella has now been placed on the decking of the studio, blocking the view of the doorway.