No fall-out in Kill Devil HIll split


Kill Devil Hill's Rex Brown insists there has been no fall-out with drummer Vinny Appice.

The former Pantera man says Appice was unavailable to tour with Kill Devil Hill and all parties were happy enough for Johnny Kelly to take over the sticks.

Brown tells Metal Nation Radio: “It was kind of a mutual thing where Vinny had some other stuff he wanted to do and we wanted to go tour. So everything was cool, there was no problems.”

The band announced in March that founder member Appice had left, to be replaced by former Type O Negative drummer Kelly. Appice can still be heard on the band’s latest album Revolution Rise. The former Black Sabbath man is working on a new project called WAMI, with an album due out this year.

Brown adds that Kelly has reinvigorated Kill Devil Hill. He says: “I’ve known Johnny for 20 years and he has been incredible. We did a lot of rehearsing and played some shows and every night he gets better and better. He’s so solid. I was just smiles from ear to ear the whole time. He just naturally came in and did what he did. Of course he has to play the parts that Vinny plays on the record but he throws what I call the ‘Johnny-isms’ on top of them and it’s been a real kick in the pants for us.”

Kill Devil Hill are currently on a US tour, before an appearance at Download Festival on June 15.