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New Music Monday: Yards – Gambling Teeth At The Milk Casino

Forming off the back of southern noisemakers Astrohenge and The Ghost Of A Thousand, Yards have been cutting their teeth in the UK hardcore scene for years.

Taken from their second EP (excellently titled EP2, and available from their Bandcamp), Yards’ delicious slab of roaring hardcore is tinged with elements of Brutality Will Prevail, Trash Talk and Dead Swans that leaves your brain nothing short of knackered. Its unrelenting thrashy nature is combined with throat-tearing vocals to numb the senses and send venues into a state of bedlam.

We asked frontman Tom Lacey about the video for Gambling Teeth At The Milk Casino, and this is what he had to say…

“I used to have a dentist that my parents forced me to visit once every two or three months as a child. Every visit would result in this clammy, odd little man lowering his shiny face over mine, extending his long, thin fingers and probing around in my mouth. It felt like worlds could end in the time it took for him to slowly stroke my teeth, the horrific squeaky little sounds a molar makes when it’s gently brushed will never ever leave me. This 60 second song and video try and capture that awful moment for the ages. That, and it has a giant fucking tooth riding a quad bike whilst holding a shitting great toothbrush in slow motion.”

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Luke Morton