Neal Smith releases 3rd KillSmith chapter


Founding Alice Cooper band drummer Neal Smith has launched the latest chapter in his KillSmith project.

Titled KillSmith And The Greenfire Empire, it follows on from 2011’s KillSmith Two and 2008’s KillSmith/Sexual Saviour.

Smith says: “It’s my first concept album since the gory, glory days in Alice Cooper. It’s a story of a poor boy who grows up in the jungles of South America, then becomes Diablos the Emerald King – the most ruthless and powerful drug lord in the world.

“Is KillSmith And The Greenfire Empire, the new heavy metal concept adventure CD being dubbed the last rock opera, destined to become a movie?”

The album is on sale now on CD and digital formats and Smith is also offering a limited-edition autographed version via his official website.

In April this year, Alice Cooper revealed he, Smith and bassist Dennis Dunaway had never spoken about the events surrounding their breakup in the mid-70s – but were forced to hear each other’s take on the split at the premiere of the Super Duper Alice Cooper movie.

Cooper said: “During the Tribeca Film Festival, I’m sitting with Neal and Dennis when it’s playing. We looked at each other and started laughing because we’ve never been enemies. There’s never been a lawsuit – we always understood that we all moved away from each other.”

KillSmith And The Greenfire Empire tracklist

  1. Blessings And Curses 2. Good Morning Blue Soul Land 3. Screaming Bloody Murder 4. The KillSmith Overture 5. Palacio De Esmeraldas 6. Greenfire Born Of Poison 7. I Want Money 8. Pandemonium 9. I Remember Blue Soul Land 10. Death To The King 11. Noelle No Wonder