Napalm Death detail 15th album

Napalm Death have confirmed their 15th album is called Apex Predator - Easy Meat, and it’s to be released on January 26 via Century Media.

And frontman Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway has revealed the follow-up to 2012’s Utilitarian was inspired by recent slave labour atrocities.

He says: “Sometimes you have to ponder long and hard for an album title. But following the Rana Plaza disaster of last year – the collapse of a textile sweatshop building in Bangladesh – it spurred me on to try and craft an expose of slave labour in the modern world, and the surrounding conditions propping it up.

“Some in power like to declare that slavery is consigned to the history books. But if you look beneath the surface it’s alive and well in many different forms. It just has a different face now.

“Using the terminology of evolution particularly interests us, so in this case the ‘apex predator’ represents those who bring the slavery to bear and capitalise from it. The ‘easy meat’ is those who feel they have no option but to comply.”

He describes the music as “punishing” and reveals a handful of track titles: Copulating Snakes, Dear Slum Landlord, What Is Past Is Prologue and Stunt Your Growth.

Greenway adds: “We feel it’s more ambient, more expansive, more unsettlingly discordant than ever – and importantly, still extremely rampant at excessive speed.

“We hope this album will make your eyes burn with the harsh sonics and harsh visions of the dumping ground of globalisation.”

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