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Musician Dr Funk makes a splash by playing bass while surfing

Dr Funk
Dr Funk rides the waves (Image credit: Dan Sedgwick)

Musician Jonny Rubin, aka Dr Funk, has caused a wave of excitement as he successfully managed to play bass while out surfing.

Rubin, who often shows off his bass skills while busking in Newquay in Cornwall, decided to see if he could conquer the waves while playing his favourite instrument.

He was presented with a brand new bass by the team at Cassidy Guitars for the feat, with the musician having to make the instrument watertight using Vaseline and silicone – although he admitted he wasn’t sure if it would work.

Rubin told the BBC: “I had to paddle with it on my back, but had been thinking all week about how I would swing it around and keep my balance while on the wave.

"But the conditions were perfect and it all fitted into place."

The moment was captured by photographer Dan Sedgwick, who kindly gave Louder permission to use a picture of Rubin riding the waves.

Dr Funk also has his own YouTube channel, so head over and check out his skills for yourself.