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Mr Big's Billy Sheehan: It’s just not the same without Pat Torpey

Mr Big with Pat Torpey

Mr Big’s Billy Sheehan says playing in the band just isn't the same without drummer Pat Torpey in the lineup.

Torpey died in February last year from complications from Parkinson’s disease, with frontman Eric Martin reporting in October that he’d like to record a final EP or album with some of Pat’s favourite drummers before calling time on the band.

Speaking about the band’s future with SiriusXM's Trunk Nation, bassist Sheehan says (via Blabbermouth): “There is no plan. We went out just to finish some gigs that were already booked while Pat was alive – kind of to honour his memory a little bit. 

“But it just ain't the same without him. I don't want to be one of those bands. Nothing against them – you've go to do what you've go to do. 

“When you lose somebody and replace them and then replace somebody else, pretty soon the only thing original left is the logo. 

“Nothing against bands that have to do that, I still love them and that's great, but it just didn't feel right doing that."

Sheehan adds: “We may go out in a year or so, maybe two years, and do some shows in some capacity. But I think we did the right thing by just moving on.”

Mr Big released the album Live From Milan last summer, which featured Torpey. It was recorded in the Italian city in 2017 during their tour in support of the studio album Defying Gravity.

Mr Big: Live From Milan
Mr Big captured their performance in Milan in 2017 for this live package which was recorded during their tour in support of their studio album Defying Gravity.View Deal