Morbid Angel press on with writing work


Morbid Angel singer Steve Tucker says the band already have “five or six” songs written for their next album.

Mainman Trey Azagthoth announced this month that vocalist/bassist Tucker was back for his third spell with the group, replacing David Vincent. Drummer Tim Yeung and guitarist Destructhor have also left, leaving Tucker and Azagthoth as the only confirmed members.

Tucker tells The Metal Magdalene With Jet: “There’s already songs written. I mean, I know that this news has just been released and it’s new for people, but, actually, this is something that we’ve been talking about now since way back — I think before the beginning of the year.

“There’s already five or six songs, and they’re great Morbid Angel songs. I think the people will be very happy with the songs.”

Tucker says the pair have discussed possible replacements for Yeung, but for now they’ll concentrate on writing new material. He adds: “Trey and I are really enjoying talking and going back and forth with these songs, and we’re really looking forward to what the future’s gonna be.”