Morbid Angel lose another member


Morbid Angel have lost another member after guitarist Destructhor announced he has split from the band.

It continues a week of turmoil for the group which started with guitarist Trey Azagthoth claiming he had reunited with former frontman Steve Tucker, and that David Vincent was no longer the group’s singer.

Vincent later insisted he had not left the band nor been fired, only for Tucker to wade in and say he was the band’s sole vocalist and that he would not work alongside Vincent.

In the confusion, drummer Tim Yeung announced he had quit due to “financial differences.”

Now Thor Anders Myhren, aka Destructhor, has been axed, saying he has been looking to leave since last year. He says: “I would like to announce that I, Destructhor, as well am out of Morbid Angel. Due to issues of them wanting to work with someone more local.

“Actually pretty good news to me, since I personally decided to leave Morbid Angel after the last tour we did in Europe in November and December 2014.”

Wishing Morbid Angel well, Destructhor adds that he will concentrate on his other group Myrkskog.

The band is said to be working on the follow-up to 2011’s Illud Divinum Insanus.