Mike Tramp happy with Spotify deal


Mike Tramp says he's happy for his music to be streamed on Spotify because it helps him reach more fans.

Despite the relatively small amount of money to be made by artists who make they music available via online streaming services, the former White Lion frontman says he’d rather be on Spotify than not.

Tramp says on Facebook: “I get asked quite a lot about how I feel about Spotify and streaming of my music. I want people to be able to find my music but I also want to get paid. I was sceptical at first but my recent publishing statement confirmed the fact that streaming now accounts for 75% of my digital publishing income and that the total has actually gone up for the first time in years.

“Piracy has never paid me a penny. How about that? Of course I need to play shows and sell CDs at the shows to make a living, but if I reach 10% more people by being on Spotify and get paid for every stream then I can call that a success. Even a veteran like myself can’t afford being an old guy shouting at a train. Things change and some for the better. It’s always been like that.”

Tramp has also announced a North American tour which kicks off in January. For full details, see his Facebook page. The Danish star released his eighth solo album Museum in August.