Midnight Oil could burn again


Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst says the Australian outfit could reunite – despite last year's insistence it would never happen.

Speculation arose after frontman Peter Garrett ended his political career by resigning as government education minister, and then confirmed he wouldn’t stand for re-election after nine years as an MP.

The band’s manager stated there was no chance of a reunion, leaving fans to believe their Sound Relief charity appearance in 2009 was their last-ever show.

But Hirst tells FasterLouder: “Peter’s writing his memoirs at the moment, so that might take a while – but I think everyone’s up for it.

“Bones Hillman is living in Nashville, and by all accounts playing bass better than ever. The callouses on his fingers must be enormous by now.

“Martin Rotsey, Jim Moginie and I all play in The Break, so everyone’s around. We’ll just see down the track.”

And the drummer hopes news will come sooner rather than later, so Midnight Oil will still be able to “put on the sort of show we’d like to put on.”