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Midnight Mob unleash Swing On

Midnight Mob have released a video for Swing On. It’s taken from the band’s new EP, Honest Brutal Glorious, the follow-up to 2014’s full-length album These Days.

The band describe themselves as existing at the “the intersection of punk, metal, blues, and soul,” and feature Blackey Deathproof on vocals, guitarist Mickey Squeeze, bassist Carly Quinn, and drummer Beatz.

Swing On is about braving the process of dropping all your vices and false beliefs you have about yourself to become the person you’re meant to be,” says Blackey. “The director, Jarett Bellucci, wanted to express that idea through telling a story about “me” trying to physically write the song.

“I start off checking into the hotel on a snowy night with nothing but frantic frustration and a heavy heart. I know I have to let go of something. I know I have to break down walls to get where I need to be and ultimately step into my purpose.

“Jarett decided to depict this through having Midnight Mob rocking out next door to the version of me that’s trying desperately to get out what I need to get out on paper. I eventually get into the motel room next door and see myself rocking out… here I find my purpose and step up to take my place at the mic.”

Midnight Mob play a video release show at DROM in New York this evening. Tickets are on sale online until 5pm EST. Honest Brutal Glorious is released on March 25.

Tour Dates
Feb 26: Drom, New York, NY (video launch party)
Mar 04: Connie’s Ric Rac, Philadelphia, PA
Mar 26: Bull Shooters Saloon, Philadelphia, PA
May 07: The Spot, Bethel, CT