Max Cavalera staged a real-life Cavalera Conspiracy to steal his first microphone

Max Cavalera
(Image credit: Per Ole Hagen/Redferns)

Max Cavalera staged a real-life Cavalara Conspiracy to steal his first-ever microphone.

As a new band in the 80s, his former outfit Sepultura were too poor to afford the equipment they needed, so the vocalist hatched a scheme with his bandmates.

Cavalera told Hardcore Humanism: “We made a whole plan to go see a pop band at a free show in the city, and we went, ‘This is the plan – when it’s dark on the stage, one of you motherfuckers launches me on the stage. I’ll jump and grab the mic, put it in my pants and jump back in the crowd.’

“And it fucking worked, man! I fucking jumped in, I grabbed the mic, stuffed it in my pants, jumped back and we were gone.”

His reaction was: “Alright, we got a mic!” He added: “You know, thank you, pop band! We got our first microphone, man. We actually had to do shit like that to survive.”

Cavalera also recalled how he’d discovered heavy music while he was dealing with the death of his father. “Before that I was just like a total normal kid that liked soccer a lot,” he said. “I liked going to the beach on the weekend. I like girls, you know?

“When my dad died, we became broke. I had to start working like factory jobs. That's when music came in like a fucking weapon. ‘Here, use the Sabbath album – this is your fucking weapon! Use this Discharge album! Use this Cro-Mags album!' You know? And when we started playing, now it’s a real fucking weapon!"

Cavalera and his brother Igor are currently touring under the Cavalera banner.

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