Marcello: I was right to refuse Europe reunion


Kee Marcello says time has proved he was right not to join Europe's 2003 reunion.

Marcello was Europe’s lead guitarist during their most successful period after replacing founding member John Norum in 1986. But when the band reformed in 2003, they floated the idea of including both Norum and Marcello.

Marcello tells The Rocktologist: “Joey and me had different views on what musical direction the group would need to take in order to make it back to the top. Seems like I was right.”

Describing his relationship with Tempest as “non-existent”, Marcello adds that he remembers his Europe days fondly. He says: “I have many very good memories from that era. It was both very inspiring and cataclysmic at the same time considering the unbelievable following we experienced during that time.”

His 2013 solo album Judas Kiss was a success and Marcello is about to tour as part of a trio with Neil Murray, formerly of Whitesnake and Black Sabbath, and drummer Pino Liberti.