Listen to this magical medieval cover of Ghost's Mary On A Cross

Algal The Bard covers Ghost's Mary On A Cross
(Image credit: Algal The Bard)

Since the viral explosion of Ghost's 2019 single Mary On A Cross on TikTok last year, it's been reimagined countless times by fans on the internet who have fallen under its all-consuming spell. The Swedish Satanic rockers themselves have even released an alternative version of the track, inspired by the aforementioned TikTok remixes.

And while it's been pretty hard to escape the craze, particularly if you are a frequenter of the video sharing platform, fortunately, most covers seem to be just as enchanting as the original. 

One musician who probably wins the crown for the most unconventional recreation however is Algal The Bard, who has revamped the hit as if it were written in the medieval era.

To channel the particular 'bardcore' sound, which was inspired by the age where wizardly duels, fair maidens and dragons supposedly ran amok, Algal uses an Irish bouzouki (basically a wire-stringed simplified guitar), a lute, a B flat whistle and a set of drums.

Meanwhile, he sports clothing belonging to that of ye olde times, while positioned in front of a makeshift stained glass window for more of that otherworldly feel. 

The results are, well, pretty magical, and make for perfect listening when wanting to kick back and mentally transport yourself to a time where 'global warming' was nothing more than the mere incoherent ramblings of your local fortune-teller.

In his other videos, Algal has covered Metallica's Nothing Else Matters, Iron Maiden's Fear Of The Dark, Europe's The Final Countdown and more, all in his 'bardcore' style.

Check out Algal The Bard's cover of Mary On A Cross below:

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