Listen to this fake Megadeth album written by an enthusiastic mega fan in under 24 hours

Bradley Hall
(Image credit: Bradley Hall)

Not so long ago, we were introduced to a fake AI-generated Oasis album put together by some rather impatient fans, who got tired of waiting for the Gallagher brothers to put their feud aside and reform.

Now, YouTuber Bradley Hall has followed suit with his own take on a 90's Megadeth album, created mostly via his own musical talents, with the help of the AI programme chatGPT for lyric writing.

As he explains in the video, Hall L.O.V.E's Megadeth, specifically their 1990 album Rust In Peace, which he describes as his favourite metal record "of all time". Despite the thrash giants having released plenty of records since then, Hall is yet to hear one that he loves just as much. Therefore, he's taken matters into his own hands by writing his own counterfeit 'Megadeth' album, complete with a questionable yet amusing Dave Mustaine impression. 

To make things more interesting, Hall challenged himself to create the project in just 24 hours, and live-streamed the process on Twitch.

Songs on his fake album include the hilariously-titled Master Of Muppets, Chronic Incontinence and Hangry Again, among others, and there's even lyrics that poke fun at Mustaine's firing from Metallica, which go: 'I was in Metallica, I played guitar, but they kicked me out and left a scar'. Oh dear. 

"[Megadeth's] album Rust In Peace is without a doubt my favourite metal album of all time, and as much as I think the albums over the past 20 years or so are okay, nothing holds a candle to those classic '90s albums with my boy Marty Friedman," the musician explains (as transcribed by Metal Injection). "So a while back I thought to myself 'instead of waiting for Megadeth to stop fuffing around and write a banger album again, why don't I just do it myself?'".

The entire album, titled Megabeans, is now available to listen on Spotify. Check it out below along with the songwriting process:

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