Listen to Matt Heafy’s solo single Perpetual Hate, featuring One Direction drummer

Matt Heafy
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Trivium guitarist-vocalist Matt Heafy has released a new solo single, featuring One Direction live drummer Josh Devine behind the kit.

Perpetual Hate proves beyond doubt that Devine can hit ‘em hard, as Heafy observed: “Josh – initially of One Direction fame – is an absurdly incredible monster metal drummer. We put this piece together recently and decided to unleash it upon the world. Stream it nonstop on repeat!"

Devine, 30, is currently a member of Levara, alongside Toto guitarist Steve Lukather’s son Trev, and formerly featuring Sam Porcaro, son of Toto’s Mike. “I may have toured for years playing pop music, but I’ve always been a rock drummer at heart,” Devine said in 2019.

He explained that Levara had been called ZFG at first because it meant “zero fucks given” and matched their attitude to music: “No boundaries, no rules, and no outside influence of ‘radio friendly or what sounds hot today.’

“For those who know me from my previous session work, this band is definitely going to be a shock and a serious departure from what you’re used to seeing and hearing me do. I get to let loose behind the kit and play some real rock music. This is me and this is definitely what I was born to do.”

Heafy recently published a children’s book based on the Japanese folk tales he was told as a boy. Entitled Ibaraki And Friends, the story also influenced his Ibaraki music project. 

He said: “For years, I’ve researched as many Japanese stories as possible – gotten several of them tattooed on my body – and explored their themes in the songs of Trivium, Ibaraki, and now in Ibaraki And Friends.

“It’s our hope that in exploring these wonderful stories, that the readers will want to learn more about Japanese culture – then more cultures of the surrounding Asian countries, then spread that willingness to learn about stories from all over the world, inspiring curiosity in the many cultures we share around the planet.”

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