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Listen to Iggy Pop’s new Covid-19-referencing single, Dirty Little Virus

Iggy Pop
(Image credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images for Tibet House)

Iggy Pop has surprise-released a new song referencing the ongoing nightmare of the coronavirus pandemic. Dirty Little Virus is Pop’s response to the devastating effects of Covid-19… and the “no fun” restrictions that have accompanied its global spread. 

One lyric on the song says “Grandfather’s dead… we got Trump instead” while another states, “Can’t have no fun, can’t touch no-one...”

“I was moved to write a direct lyric, not something too emotional or deep, more like journalism,” Iggy says in a video explaining his mindset in creating the song. “Who? What? When? Where? I left out the Why? because that gets too complex. But I put in how I felt about it. It was a stopper for me, it’s been the big thing happening in my life, and everybody’s else’s I reckon, for almost a year now. If there was still a Man Of The Year, it would be the virus.”

Written by Pop and saxophonist Leron Thomas, who says that the pair are “calling elephants out in rooms”, the track is available to buy on Bandcamp now.