Listen to a brand new song by Dub War

Dub War have recorded their first new song in almost two decades – and you can listen to it exclusively on TeamRock.

The track Fun Done, which you can stream below, is their first new material since splitting in 1999. The band made their live return in 2014 for a low-key show in their hometown of Newport and followed it up with an appearance at last year’s Download.

Vocalist Benji Webbe – who now fronts Skindred – tells TeamRock that these performances sparked the idea to return to the studio.

Says Webbe: “We had a really good time playing Download, but we’ve always wondered what Dub War would sound like now. I haven’t worked with those guys for such a long time, so I just wanted to see what it would feel like to do something fresh and new.

“We wanted to do something that wasn’t as slick or – for want of a better word – produced as Skindred,” he continues. “Fun Done is something that we just wrote in rehearsal in a couple of hours. Lyrically, it’s talking about the times that we’re in and about unity. Again, it’s the Benji Webbe unity train. When I listen to the song, I feel fulfilled by it. It takes you on a journey but it’s not in the usual radio format, which we avoided at all costs. For the first song that we’ve recorded in 20 years, it does what Dub War is supposed to do – something different.”

Webbe says that the band plan to release a seven-inch single every three months, with a view to collecting the tracks on a full-length album.

“When I’m not doing business with Skindred and there’s a weekend free, then I’m going to get out there with Dub War,” he explains. “Everybody in the band is from Newport, so it’s nice to just be home and pop out to rehearsal to go through some new songs. It’s all at our leisure and it’s just for fun. We don’t give a fuck. When we sat and discussed our mission statement and out plan, we decided we want to be the most unsuccessful band ever in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.”

More details about Dub War’s single releases will be announced in the coming weeks.